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Mireille & Eddy Moust are creating, performing and recording ‘Songs and Instrumentals’. Vocals and Spanish acoustic guitar/electrical guitar. They are researching universal human themes in lyrics, melodies, and chords. Their style is melodic, powerful, energetic, moving, dynamic, and tranquil. Atmospheric and tangible.

‘Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15’ Breda

Songs & Instrumentals. A Concert full of tasteful Songs and Instrumentals played with passion. Compelling and intimate, overwhelming and sensitive. Their music and collaboration tell a story about love, being human and being a musician. About creativity as a way of life. Music for stillness and slowing down. They play their Songs and Instrumentals at special venues and in their own living room theatre in Breda the Netherlands: ‘Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15’.

Concert dates 2022
‘Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15’ Breda – The Netherlands

Check the concert dates for ‘lazy Sunday afternoon concerts’, starting at 16.00, ‘relaxing Friday night, the easy start of the weekend concerts’ at 20:15 or special holidays!

Tickets €29,50 p.p. including Drinks & Bites* / Children up to 12 years free. Get your tickets & pay directly via Paypal or via invoice by sending us an e-mail. Please mention the date, time, and amount of tickets.

*Non-alcoholic drinks and vegetarian bites

April 2022

Sunday, April 24th – 16:00h

May 2022

Friday, May 13th, 20:15h
Sunday, May 29th, 16:00h

June 2022

Sunday, June 26th, 16:00h

Concert venue

‘Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15’, 4815EA Breda (Belcrum)
A two-minute walk from the train station Breda. Do you come by car? No costs for parking on Sundays, Holidays, and between 20.00 – 06.00 at our venue.

Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15 Breda
“Huiskamertheater Nachtegaalstraat 15” Breda