Travel Light Theatre

Founded by Mireille, Eddy Moust & Gerard de Leeuw (1960-2014) they met each other in music.

About Mireille & Eddy Moust
She brought a pile of songs. He his instrumental compositions. Mireille sang the songs to Eddy. They made new arrangements. They created a new style, their style. A theatre program called “Songs and Instrumentals”.

Eddy Moust plays the Spanish acoustic guitar, in his own way, with different musical influences. His instrumentals flow over in the songs Mireille sings. A listener described Travel Light Theatre as follows: “a combination of Spanish, English and Irish sounds. Passionate and loving.”

The atmosphere is acoustic, intimate and heart-to-heart. It’s about our lives, the love and the warmth we long for. It’s about our path in this life.

Eddy Moust – guitarist | composer
Mireille – singer | writer | composer | designer
Gerard de Leeuw (1960-2014) – guitarist | composer | singer